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Trideca offers strategic advisory and engineering execution built on technical mastery. We elevate your digital transformation beyond experimentation and into business certainty.

Data Fabrics

The modern approach to information management, liberating business from the cost and time-sink of a single repository. We craft a unified view of your data landscape for agile decision-making and business innovation.

Generative AI

Pandora’s box is open, and revolutionary possibilities require governance, guardrails and strategic investment. We lead ethical, scaleable and secure Generative AI services—for your unprecedented, creative business advantage.

Machine Learning

Analysing data patterns, automating decisions, optimising for efficiency. Machine Learning offers revolutionary acceleration to business process. We leverage ML to extract insights, define next best conversations, and supercharge innovation.


Modular, independent services fostering agility and extending utility of legacy systems. We expertly plan and engineer microservices to break large systems into manageable units, and enable rapid development, scalability, and maintenance.

Blockchain & Web3

Decentralized, transparent systems redefine trust, and unleash distributed forces of change. We advise on aligning any investment with future states, and deliver blockchain and Web3 solutions for new models of commercial leverage.

Data Engineering

If knowledge is the currency of advantage, then data is the mint that prints it. We engineer robust, scalable data architectures for streamlined collection, storage, and processing—all with advanced analytics for business insight.

Knowledge Graphs

Intelligent data structures connect information and enhance insights. We design dynamic, interconnected graphs for business, empowering data-driven decisions and unlocking potential in information ecosystems.

Digital Engineering

Recent epochal investment in digital tech has generated huge technical debt, impeding rather than powering innovation. We refactor existing assets in short innovation spikes across all systems, for scaleable, integrated deployment.

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Enterprise data strategy for flexibility insight and security.

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