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  • Advanced Innovation Acceleration
  • AI Strategy & Solutions Delivery
  • Microservices Development
  • Solution Architecture and Design
  • Onshore Delivery
  • Front-End Development

This major bank sought rapid microservices innovation.

Our client had the clock running on innovating customer experiences within the highly regulated Open Banking framework. Previous technology suppliers had struggled to get beyond advisory, and the bank needed onshore talent to build iterative, rapidly deployed solutions.

So we designed, built, and deployed with zero tech debt.

In a 10-week timeframe, Trideca de-risked and delivered a  microservices based solution. Our onshore, specialist engineering team used React and Java technology with High-Speed Data/Kafka to execute testable, scalable solutions that integrated into complex workflows and core banking systems.

While uplifting the capability of inhouse engineers.

Trideca engineers ran Innovation Labs together with the in-house teams to create new reusable microservice code frameworks, best practice continuous integration, and automation tools. This created the ability to deploy high-speed data monitoring and large language models into its systems, which was used to enhance its anti-money laundering and fraud detection capability.

Pioneering new competitive advantage for the bank.

With our help, the bank used data compliance as an adaptive opportunity to safely, rapidly develop new customer value propositions in Internet and Mobile Banking—turning its tech into a competitive advantage.

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