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A New Breed of Accelerators

Accelerators have been around for some time, often with mixed results. But as organisations seek new growth opportunities, new models to support digital innovation are emerging.

Digital teams increasingly build internally-focused accelerators, rapidly prototyping products and solutions and blending best-practice of digital and innovation teams.

Blends Tech and Innovation

Agile sprints can be applied through the full innovation lifecycle, with flexible resource teams (technical and non-technical) doing innovation context-setting and risk management.

Robust strategy with executive buy-in and support is essential to guide these efforts. Strategy should direct accelerator efforts towards business objectives and align to risk profiles, resourcing models and appropriate budget sources.

For Sustained Business Growth

Advanced accelerators help organisations rapidly assess, develop, test and deploy innovative digital products and solutions, pushing past incremental improvements to address evolving customer needs..

This newly evolving model is seeing success across a range of organisations, as they seek to fulfil innovation agendas and drive sustained business growth.