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Innovation Dilemma

According to global consultancy McKinsey, over 80% of executives surveyed in 2022 named innovation among their top three priorities. However, less than 10% reported satisfaction with their organisations’ innovation performance or impact.

This is often the result of market failure at the product and prototype development stage. Tension is often created between senior executives who are pushing for digital innovation

Trideca’s Approach

Trideca’s new approach, which we’ve dubbed our ‘Advanced Accelerator’, is highly efficient, utilising resources as needed and minimising unused capacity.

  • Agile sprints positioned throughout the product lifecycle drive the rapid exploration, development and support of innovative products
  • Strategic framing, with a focus on defining evolving user and customer needs, competitive marketplace shifts and supporting and challenging influences (often built around a PESTLE process), maintains focus on productive outcomes
  • The approach must be applied consistently but have enough flexibility built in to address the specific needs of each product
  • Finally, stakeholders must be kept informed of the progress due to the critical nature of the work.

Agile Innovation

Product development is scaled and enhanced, especially amid scarce technical resources used on significant projects like cloud migration.

The approach allows for either a series of products or parallel development efforts. Quality and impact are assured, granting access to high-quality developer resources that seamlessly collaborate with internal stakeholders.